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It’s official: just one day left until the political ads stop clogging up the airwaves!  As the presidential candidates dart across several states arguing that victory is at hand it’s only hours “My friends”, until we return to the endless barrage of Elvis crooning Viva Viagra and the talking heads covering the O.J. story, or what Britney revealed or the hunt for Florida toddler Caylee or…anti-sagging-pants mandates and city ordinances!

It has been the longest and most expensive presidential contest ever – maybe the best and worst of times – but, no matter who you voted for the winner of the election will inherit (in no particular order):

  1. 46M uninsured Americans (15% of the U.S. population)
  2. Unfinished construction of the 700 mile, $49B U.S. – Mexico border fence
  3. Home foreclosure at an all time high and a 23 year high of late mortgage payments
  4. 140,000 troops serving in Iraq and 30,000 in Afghanistan
  5. 26 states with constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage and 2 (MA. and CA.) that don’t
  6. Oil consumption at 20.7M barrels per day – U.S. produces 8.5M barrels per day
  7. Customs and Border Protection processes over 1M passengers, 70K containers and 300K air, sea, and land vehicles per day
  8. TSA screens 2M passengers and nearly the same number of pieces of checked luggage per day
  9. Citizenship and Immigration Services conducts on average of 135K national security background checks per day
  10. NAFTA trade barriers which hurt Harley-Davidson

Frankly I’m feeling like a good neighbor.  I got involved, got connected, took local action with others in the community and voted.  I hope you do too.


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Are you ready?  You are not going to believe this.  You heard it first here on the Northwest Harley blog…Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (and Vice Presidential candidate) had a corn removed from her left foot.  Yes!  You heard correctly she was involved in a non-life threatening, non-surgical incident.  I can’t prove it with photo’s, but I’ve heard from the Rev Wright camp so, if you agree pass it along to 50 people.

So much “noise” being generated about Sarah Palin that the political landscape has become muddy murky with all types of reports being passed off as accurate.  I know we’re all stressed out about the damage of Hurricane Ike, but folks some of us are acting more stupid than others.

Palin SNL Spoof

Palin SNL Spoof

I saw a report about Palin being a motorcyclist.  Clearly a photo of her sitting on a Harley Street Glide would suggest her persona as an experienced rider extraordinaire…what about those safety patches and ABATE MSF training stickers?  Shall we then jump to a conclusion that she will seek to eliminate helmet laws, smog laws, and noise laws, just for us Harley riders?  Who knows. 

In April 2008 she did proclaim that May would be Motorcycle Awareness Month in this Alaska press release.  But the press even twisted that information!  ABATE is now Alaska Bikers Advocating Training and Education (ABATE)…and here I thought all this time it stood for A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments (ABATE).  This site in Indiana calls it American Bikers Aimed Toward Education so, it looks like certain regions are making adjustments to sound less subversive?  Here is the site in Oregon

Mary Peters Discusses Motorcycle Safety

Mary Peters Discusses Motorcycle Safety

It turns out that Photoshop is the application of choice for the “disinformation generators” and we’d be hard press to determine fact from invention.  Even the news outlets focus too much on the non-relevant “corn” stories vs. Palin having a life-long motorcycle philosophy or how having a motorcycle enthusiast in the White House would affect anything.  But wait!  Don’t we have a “motorcycle enthusiast” in the current administration…she’s called secretary of transportation, Mary Peters.  Yes, she is an actual Harley rider!  She’s made it her mission to get helmet laws enacted in all 50 states, but has cut training programs.  Not exactly the motorcycle rights advocate we might have been looking for, huh?   Ken Bingenheimer at the Passes and Canyons blog has done a great job writing about Peters.  Check it out if you want more information. 

My point is the political landscape has become so clouded with reports trying to be passed off as accurate in the main steam media that all I can say is good grief… readers beware

P.S. – Hey did you know that Palin was on SNL and now they are talking about how great of an actor she is…

P.S.S – Hey did you know it was being reported in the blogs over the weekend that when Palin was 5 years old, maybe it was 4½ she was seen playing in a mud puddle!  Now that’s not presidential and if you agree send this on to 22 more people, ASAP!

Palin photos courtesy of NBC and Xanga.

Peters photo courtesy of DOT.

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