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Car-TextingI’m talking about texting and distracted driving.

Based on my daily commute observations, many drivers must believe that everyone else is the problem, when actually you – YES YOU – including the dude in the beat up White Toyota who nearly went into the ditch on Sunset Highway this morning while trying to text, is in fact—the problem!

We’ve all seen the tell-tale signs of texting.  Straddling or weaving between lanes and/or driving well below the speed limit or looking down at your lap as if that isn’t obvious.

It’s unlikely that Mr. White Toyota knows that May, is designated as national Motorcycle Awareness Month, (Gov. Kitzhaber’s memo HERE).  The initiative, supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, encourages drivers to watch for motorcycles and understand that motorcycle riders have the same rights and privileges as operators of other vehicles.

The slogans are everywhere, on billboards and bumper stickers, badges and T-shirts: “Watch out for motorcycles.” “Look twice, save a life.” “Share the road.”

But, not all motorists notice the warnings and clearly the White Toyota dude believes that his one little text is more important than say… driving safe and can’t hurt that much.

It’s interesting to me that Expedia.com, released the results of the 2014 Road Rage Report, conducted on Expedia’s behalf by Northstar. Americans identify the behaviors that are likeliest to elicit road rage, from texting to swerving to speeding and beyond.  Drum roll… and the winner is…  People who text while driving incur the most anger. 69% of Americans rate “The Texter” as the most aggravating driving behavior.

We know the warmer temperatures rolling across the Northwest this month means the roads are filling up with motorcycle riders.

So, take the “distracted” out of driving and avoid becoming one of “the 69%” who report having been “flipped off” by a fellow motorist!

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mirrorposterIt means – Share the Road with Motorcycles – in support of Harlistas coming out party at Harley-Davidson I thought I try a multi-lingual title. 

You might not know this, but May has long been designated as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Last month (April 2), the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee passed a resolution H. Res. 269 supporting the goals of the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in May.  I wanted to pass along some key messages.

First, is the program encourages riders to get trained and licensed, to always wear protective gear, to not drink and ride and to ride within their limits.  Second, is the message for auto drivers and the need to be alert to motorcycle traffic.  Research shows auto drivers are at fault in approximately 2/3 of fatal car/motorcycle crashes.   Third, that motorcyclists are more susceptible to potential accidents and injuries so drive defensive/aware.

The month of May serves to remind all motorcyclists of the dangers of the road and the fact that other vehicles may have difficulty in seeing us.  Be aware in this upcoming riding season.

Links for more safety information at:

  1. Motorcycle Safety Foundation
  2. Share The Road Campaign
  3. Good Safety Article at Clutch & Chrome
  4. Motorcyclist Advisory Council to the Federal Highway Administration (MAC-FHWA)
  5. National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety
  6. NHTSA Motorcycle Safety Program

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