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Fishermen flock to Washington County’s Scoggins Valley Park at Henry Hagg Lake, but it’s also a great place to ride a motorcycle.  Located 5 miles southwest of Forest Grove, Or., the man-made lake was formed after the construction of the dam in the mid-1970s.  The road offers up a 10.5 mile ride route that circles the lake and traverses a number of picnic areas and boat launches.  The roads at Hagg are mainly long sweepers and they can be rode fairly aggressive for experienced riders with an appropriate motorcycle.

Unfortunately we learned today that a group of approximately 18 riders were traveling around the lake yesterday when on the first right hander after the Boat Ramp (there is a bridge) one of the riders Kenneth Dawkins, age 36, crashed into the guard rail and died at the scene.  Another motorcyclist, Viacheslav Kostyushko, age 21, sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was discharged from the hospital.  There is more information posted HERE.  Another motorcyclist survived, but was taken to a local area hospital.  According to reports, Washington County Crash Analysis Reconstruction Team (CART) responded to the scene and are still trying to determine what caused the crash.

I didn’t know Kenneth Dawkins (KJ), but I wanted to sent my condolences to the family.  He was an experienced rider and the founder of Pure Speed Icons (PSI).  This accident is very unfortunate and sad.  Please be careful out there. KJ leaves behind an ex-wife and a 10 year old son.

As I learn more I’ll update the post and provide any additional details on services and fund raising to help the family.


UPDATE: August 19, 2009 – Per the below IMPORTANT comment — KJ leaves behind a girlfriend of 9 years and they had a 15-year old daughter of which he was the father figure besides an ex-wife and 10-year old son.

UPDATE: August 20, 2009 – Forest Grove News Times provides more information on the accident HERE.  Police request that a third rider known as “Chucky” call investigators to give a statement about the events.

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HD_StormNow more than ever, Harley executives say that customer experience is critical to how motorcycle firms compete.

They’re right: research indicates a high correlation between good customer experience and increased customer loyalty.

Unfortunately not all dealers get high marks from their customers. And that translates into lower sales, higher churn, and lost business that goes to competitors.  Does the customer experience become less important during an economic downturn? Absolutely not!!  Building loyalty and catering to the needs of customers is even more important in these very challenging times.  And HD is doing much more than paying lip service.

PiperAccording to the newly released (.pdf) 2009 Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index (PSI) U.S. Motorcycle Industry Study, Ducati dealerships ranked highest.  This is one of a series of annual benchmarking studies which measure how consumers are treated when shopping for a new car, motorcycle, RV or boat. The independent study sent 2,100 hired anonymous “mystery shoppers” into motorcycle dealerships nationwide, then used the patent-pending PSI process to compile the results into accurate measurement of how each brand’s dealerships treat motorcycle shoppers.

Following Ducati was Harley-Davidson—whose dealers were ranked first in 2007 and 2008—then BMW, Victory, Buell and MV Augusta all above the industry average. Overall motorcycle industry performance improved from 2008 to 2009, with eleven of the fifteen major motorcycle brands achieving higher PSI scores.  Harley-Davidson dealers performed substantially above the motorcycle industry average, but 2009 marked the first time in three years that dealers from another motorcycle brand were ranked higher.

A powerful brand needs to convey a long list of qualities; often, a brand may find itself stuck trying to represent too many — even conflicting — things. It seems that Harley is faced with this very situation. Social media interaction with the company will continue to grow in this downturn due in part to its ability to reduce the cost of customer acquisition, service, and transactions. Motorcycle consumers have many places to discover products. In fact, consumption of digital media and the Internet is shifting to cell phones and other portable devices. This proliferation adds complexity to an already highly competitive marketplace, and changing demographics. Keeping the customer central in retailers’ strategies will be difficult given the short attention span.

They have yet to ask for my viewpoint, but I believe Harley-Davidson can improve business results by developing deeper connections with us consumers and independent bloggers. It begins with the recognition that blogs are a new motorcycle “voice” and that the customer experience is a wide-range set of activities, not just an isolated event.  It’s a multiyear customer experience with the end result for any organization dependent on how effectively it navigates through multiple stages of the customer experience maturity.

Congrats to Ducati and the HD dealers!

Photo courtesy of PSI and Forester.

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