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Here is an interesting new product and you never know when you’ll need one.

From a small, mostly online shop out of Chicago the company provides a variety of motorcycle covers to keep your bike safe, dry and clean.  The company is called Bike Condoms Inc. and they are focused exclusively on motorcycle covers.  Not the maximum protection full-fabric type of cover, but it’s a semi-disposable type of cover which is made of biodegradable polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA).

Each Bike Condom is packaged in something that resembles a DVD case in size and weighs less than half-a-pound.  It’s an ultra-light cover that is easily stored and a good alternative to packing the full fabric cover.  Additionally, at U.S. $5.99 each it could be considered a single use cover because if you’re like me and have re-folding issues, it’s made of environmentally-friendly materials so throw it away!

I haven’t tried one of these covers, yet.  If you have any experience with one let me know how it worked.

Photo courtesy of Bike Condoms Inc.

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