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Screen Shot From Site - Bend Area (Cascade Lakes)

Whatever kind of motorcyclist you are — day tripper or world explorer — mapping software can help start your next adventure in the right direction.

Fortunately FX Development, Inc., a Seattle-based early stage startup recently launched myscenicdrives.com.  It’s a new website to help motorcyclists find that cool scenic drive.  The site offers cleaver features that will help riders find new things to explore. Each scenic drive provides an overview, interactive map, recommended stops, weather forecast, and GPS directions.

Initially the company was focused on the Pacific Northwest, but recently listed rides for Idaho and California as it expands.  The site provides both a rich, user-friendly web interface for PCs as well as a mobile web version which is great for smartphones like the iPhone.  Once the user selects a drive, phones with GPS capabilities and software (such as Google Maps) will easily get you on the road.

The website currently features more 40 scenic drives in California, Washington, Oregon and Idaho with more States coming.

An item I would find useful is something like what the “Directory Assistance” service does today for convenience by sending an SMS text-message to the rider.  If I’m on the road mobile users are eager to get information and directions on the go especially if there is limited web access in a remote area.  A text message of the route along with pertinent details saved via a text message would provide me the extra convenience and functionality that I like.  With virtually 100% of handsets in the US capable of text messaging, it would be smart to leverage this channel and deliver additional value.

One word of caution for the site builders… I’ve seen a number of these type sites fall victim of having a preoccupation and interest in $$, not riding, and therefore have put the focus on advertising at the expense of the consumer experience.  Don’t do it!!

Photo courtesy of myscenicdrives.com

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NWHog Mobile Version  

NWHog Mobile Version

If I build it, you should come.

The mobile phone is not only the most important status symbol among teens, behind clothing, we’re starting to see millions of adults show up to become consumers of digital content via their mobile device.  People are playing mobile games or browsing the mobile web and many are social networking. 

This all begs the question about wireless behaviors and as blogger’s how we build connected communities or design our blogs to be “mobile friendly” if we want to capture those highly mobile readers?

As mobile phones drop in price and offer more location based (LBS) services along with improved features such as higher megapixel cameras, video capture and playback and have an integrated media player that supports streaming music and video…users will adopt the new higher-speed phones, and take advantage of data plans to enhance their media consumption beyond just a voice package.

To respond to these clear and obvious trends I’ve taken an initial step and mobilized the Northwest Harley blog.

So for those folks who believe their social life would end without mobile communications I have something for you.  I can’t provide you a mobile phone with water proofing or endless battery power, but I have made the content on this blog flexible and it will now fold into different shapes and sizes to meet whatever “on-the-go” screen you use.

Go mobile and enjoy.

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