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Once upon a time, many years ago when we all lived in little villages you had fame if you were a blacksmith, a singer or the storyteller.  You had a defined role and if you did it well you received accolades and everyone in your village knew who you were.  Most people had barely been to the next town so the concept of spreading your ideas far and wide didn’t even cross people’s mind.

Then came modern transportation and media.  Suddenly, you could reach everybody and there was worldwide fame.

Speaking of fame.  After reading a press release on the Discovery Channel…I just threw up in my mouth a little bit!

Yeah, it’s a line from “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” but seemed appropriate from my perspective.

In case you’ve been living in a tent at Occupy Portland… it would seem that Jessie James has flamed out with his squeeze, Kat Von D and when he looked at the man in the mirror, became tired of the same old you.  He will recycle in the industry to the Discovery Channel for what’s being hailed as an E-P-I-C showdown where he will go head-to-head with Paul Teutul Sr. and Junior on “American Chopper Live.”

Selling out and letting co-writers/producers deliver what the lowest common denominator TV system wants, as opposed to what you want, will clearly revive the custom chopper business!

Can’t they leave well enough alone and just move on already?  Maybe they should rename it the “American Horror Story: Tricks and Treats From Formerly Warm Bodies!”  Since 2003 Jessie began a slow-and-steady nosedive with his character arcing to new lows that only a Hollywood script for “Desperate Housewives” could love.  Combine this with the other two demoralizing builders who get their ‘hate-on’ and we now have what they call that new math: 1+2 = 4!

Our shiny enigmatic motorcycle monster friend will turn up not once, but twice on December 5th and 6th.    It’s sure to create a mega motorcycle buzz – YAWN!

Next up has to be a Jessie James guest appearance on Glee or maybe it’s DWTS.  You heard it here first.

Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel

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How’s that for drama in a headline?  I’m recycling the news a bit, but in case you didn’t hear bad-boy Jesse James and wife Sandra Bullock were being chauffeured in a SUV rent-a-car on Friday night and were hit by Lucille Gatchell in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  It seems the 64 year old Lucille “blew” a 0.20 percent blood-alcohol level which is double the legal limit.  Both automobiles were totaled, but no one was hurt.

Bullock is in Massachusetts filming The Proposal.  They were in Cape Ann/ Rockport, an area north of Boston’s North Shore and en route to their hotel in Eastern Point.  The movie is about a demanding female boss who suddenly faces deportation to Canada. She makes a deal with her young male assistant to agree to a sham engagement and marriage.

Jesse must be wondering WTF?   First he marries a famous movie star and almost a year ago to the day this crazy lady Marcia Valentine who is obsessed about Bullock tried to run him down in the driveway outside his home in Southern California while one of his 3 kids watched and now there is this drunk driving incident.

Dude you’ve got to be thinking that “carrying Sandra’s purse” is getting rather dicey…on living?!  Sure his ex was Janine Lindemulder (link not safe for work) and he’s now hooked up with a “legit” movie star, but the West Coast Chopper mogul has got to be mindful of current events…

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