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Marisa Miller Ad Campaign

Marisa Miller Ad Campaign

I’m not talking about scientific modeling of stress joints in the R&D department! 

Harley-Davidson announced a new ad campaign that will start Oct. 10th featuring Marisa Miller.  She will be the person promoting the new V-Rod Muscle motorcycle, a sporty, sleek bike that targets a younger, urban and affluent demographic. 

Miller is a Victoria’s Secret model and has made the rounds of late on reality television shows, men’s magazines such as Maxim and this year, she was on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition.

Miller was quoted to say in an interview:

“My uncle rides a Harley, my dad rides bikes,”… “I’ve been around it my whole life.”

Miller has likely had more “offers” than she can count on her fingers and toes, but her uncle riding a V-Twin doesn’t make her a motorcycle enthusiast or an authentic spokesperson for the industry.  It does mean that Harley is guilty of the ‘ol advertising adage that “sex sells“, but what?

Almost everything from toothpaste to deodorant is sold with the promise of sex so why not Harley-Davidson as they go on an endless pursuit of trying to reach out to a younger, hipper demographic… Sure, Miller is recognizable and I’m sure lots of teenage boyz will flood the web site to download videos, wallpapers and photos.  The video of the ad shoot is HERE.

Wake up guys!!!  Exploitation is a stale marketing idea.  But, if anyone has line-of-sight on a large autographed poster let me know…I’ve got a special spot on my garage wall!

Photo courtesy of Miller web site.

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Okay, received some feedback to “lighten up” after my post on the financial bail-out debacle.

I thought long and hard about some lighter topics and ideas — then it came to me — now that we know David Duchovny (of X-Files fame) has checked into rehab for sex addiction it’s no longer inappropriate to discuss motorcycle sex.   

No, I’m not talking about sex-education though the use of Miss Nix burlesque, song, puppetry and/or mythical creatures.  Nor am I talking about Proposition K – San Francisco’s hot-button on prostitution decriminalization that has reached the November ballot. 

I’m talking about “Sex on a Motorcycle” — the alcoholic drink, what did you think?!  For reference it includes one ounce each of melon liqueur, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice, coconut rum and sweet and sour mix.  Shake and pour over ice.

Tease enough I have…syndicated humor columnist B. Elwin Sherman has written a clever article about Sex On A Harley-Davidson and tackles the question of safety without giving up the thrills.  Not to be a plot spoiler (so to speak), but the subtle humor and innuendo’s are comical.


“Take your stimulating cues from Harley’s new 6-speed transmissions.  This gives you extra level of arousal, and an opportunity to include another plateau of delight….but, don’t lose sight of your RPMs.  Operating a motorcycle as a guide…making the right moves; throttle-up, releasing, clutching, shifting, re-engaging – and all the while increasing your overall speed and distance as everything else passes by…”

Check out Sherman’s post for an interesting and humorous read.  And remember to accelerate coming out of the curves!

SATC photo courtesy HBO.

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