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RK-BLK3Selling your motorcycle can be a total beat down.

You can just trade it – take your beating, lick your wounds and move on. The dealer handles everything and depending on where you live there could be a tax benefit based on the trade. Sometimes it just seems this is the easiest route. It can solve your issues moving from one motorcycle to another.  This seems to work well if the ride is clean and up-to-date on maintenance.  For the dealer they get a low risk trade and typically you’ll come away with a few more dollars than a similar trade.

Early last year I decided to sell my motorcycle.  The dealer was moving way down on trade-in price, so I decided to sell the RoadKing (“Blackie”) myself and went the Craigslist route.  I listed it on a number of the enthusiast websites too, you know – the usual suspects.  Then I mentally prepped for the tire kickers and trolls on Craigslist. Oh yes, lot’s of trolls!  Below is the actual ad I ran:

2006 H-D RoadKing Classic (FLHRCI), perfect condition, Vivid Black, 29K miles, fuel-injection, stage II, big bore kit (95 cu in), cam, SE race tuner, Rinehart tru-duals, high-flow intake with matching billet cover, chrome forks, lowered 1″, Renegade (Vail) wheels (21″ front) with matching rotors and pulley, hard bag conversion, Mustang seat with matching back rest, Screamin Eagle fat bars with internal wiring, chrome hand controls with braided stainless cables, new Metzeler tires, lay down custom license plate holder, passenger backrest and removable hardware. Original laced wheels, leather bags, service manual and seat included.  Original owner with all service records are available. Recently serviced, fresh wax and it’s spotless. No trades. No Joy rides $14,750 firm. Serious inquiries only please.

RK-BLKThere was this one guy that wanted to trade me his pick-up truck.  I guess he missed the no trades in the ad!  There were all the foreign requests to ship the bike to a freight forwarder and they would send money.  Right.  Then there was this guy who kept emailing me trying to beat me down on price. He said the motor modifications made it worth less and the 21” wheel wouldn’t handle well. He kept emailing me – every time I renewed the post I would immediately get an email in the inbox saying I was not realistic and that he was offering me a fair price. I finally put his email address in my junk folder. And I am happy to say I got more than his “fair price” Mr. Low-Baller.

Then there were the guys that asked a thousand questions (even though the details were in the ad). I would patiently answer them with a smile on my face as I typed out the responses thinking that the motorcycle truly rocked. There were literally dozens of tire kickers, but you have to weed through them all if you want to find that rose.

Then after a few months I finally got an email from someone that asked the right questions and was excited about the modifications. He got it and he bought it! It was fun to help him pick up the RoadKing and have all the riding discussions and gear talk.  After he gave me the certified check, I bid a farewell to the RoadKing as it wound its way to Seattle on a trailer.

RK-BLK2I liked that Road King.  Its not like I had feelings toward an inanimate object, but I had it dialed in.  Almost 30,000 miles in 6-years that got me there safely and back again which I was always grateful.  But, I had been lusting over a Maple “Glide” and once I decided to pull the trigger on the new ride any emotional attachment for the RoadKing faded quickly.

I’m glad it went to a fellow rider in the northwest that truly appreciated the bike.  And on that exhaust note, I’m glad to be done with Craigslist!  How about you, any experience on Craigslist, tips or advice on selling a motorcycle that readers would be interested in hearing about?

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Twitter Follower - a.k.a. "Jasmine"

Twitter Follower - a.k.a. "Jasmine"

There needs to be a neon sign on Twitter pronouncing the online equivalent of “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service.”

And speaking of neon maybe we should blame it on John Mayer (@johncmayer)?   He was one of the early celeb adopters of Twitter to lure fans.  And as we all know in social media, where celebs go, D-listers, sex peddlers and the rash of come-ons follow.

What am I ranting about? In a word, is hookers!  Twitter over the last month has ramped up and displayed similarities to the old porn days of MySpace—and that should be a red flag for Biz Stone, founder of the company.  Over a ten-day span in August I received 33 new “followers” whose profile pages depicted naked or scantily clad women.   In fact, my recent tweet telling blog followers about how to stay cool in the Wenatchee heat during a Canada trip instantly got me an “@-message” saying: “Here’s how I cool down in my Kelowna home.” When I clicked on the link, let’s just say I nearly missed the glass of ice tea!

Okay some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking…  “Hey @macrant, I’m bored at work and so what if the profile is littered with pictures of semi-clothed bodies?”

Here’s what’s objectionable.  They waste my time processing “Twitter Trash” (a.k.a. SPAM) vs. researching and writing blog posts.  Twitter has no Askimet filter like WordPress and it is so time consuming and clunky to eliminate SPAM that it’s as if they want to encourage porn?!   Reporting spam on Twitter is like calling the DMV… 2 languages, 7 level deep phone menu for just the hours of operation… waaaaay too cumbersome a process.  There’s no reason why Twitter can’t catch most spam, or at least make it super simple to report.  Hell, most all “new followers” don’t even have a real name. We’re not at the mercy of viral-marketing geniuses here…. are you hearing any of this Mr. Stone?

Sure Twitter features a “block” or “message” on a person’s profile, but it doesn’t offer a “report spam” button. You have to follow an account called “SPAM,” and then copy the URL and send a direct message to that account with the complaint.  I did this for “Holly” and “Jasmine” and a couple others who I think got suspended. Fine. But I don’t take the time anymore and I suspect MANY users don’t either or won’t figure out how to report the names—or go to the trouble. I think it takes double the number of steps to flag a spamming account than it takes to create a new one… there’s a no-win to the battle.

It seems Twitter management has taken a hands-off “live and let live” approach.  I have one word.  Craigslist!  They had similar ethos about content traded over its platform, but after a lot of staff expenses tied up in legal/law enforcement activity, even they now crack down on spam and solicitation.

Hey, I’m all for tolerance, but Twitter should stop wasting our time or they will suffer the consequences of declining use by real people.

Photo courtesy of Japan Dolls Convention.

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