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boss_pianoThe Piano Protection Society (PPS) is an independent organization founded in 1958 by a group of piano lovers concerned with the plight of battered pianos. Today they held a press conference in London lambasting Springsteen and the NFL for yesterdays sad Super Bowl display of an ill-treated musical instrument!  They are asking the public to boycott “The Boss” and bring greater community awareness to protect musical instruments everywhere against violence.

Every piano deserves a loving and responsible home!

The background is an otherwise magnificent Super Bowl was marred by an ugly incident during the half time show.  The Boss looked straight into the camera Sunday night and proceeded to slam chicken-finger eating people everywhere and then made terse demands to crank the volume!  Then the 59 year old performed a sort of crippled-leg-leap onto the piano — the moment was a bit dicey and had potential disaster written all over it, but proving why he is still “The Boss”, Springsteen recovered his balance and proceeded to dance, scar and gouge the lacquer finish of the piano with his steel-toe boots as thousands of fans gasped and millions watched on TV.  Kids were horrified at the inhumane display of bombastic energy on that little Yamaha!  Adding insult to injury the Yamaha had to endure gunpowder ash from the overtly expansive fireworks display.   The malicious Springsteen was seen later laughing maniacally.  After the 11:57 minute concert horrified fans could not even recall what songs Springsteen sang.


Dance, scar and gouge,  it’s how the Boss rolls…

The Piano Protection Society is a charitable association with modern premises at 103 Norton Street, London. The facilities include an adoption centre, welfare services, information and products to keep your piano happy and healthy. Sadly, they will have to deal with this abandoned and ill-treated musical instrument.

Viewed by the piano society as self-incrimination, a technician, not authorized to speak for the E Street Band said,

“We’ve been around a long time and people are aware of the kind of “work” we do,” they went on to say,  “Springsteen’s piano shows the scars of being on the road and being played for hours at a time during lengthy shows.  That’s how “The Boss” rolls….

Let’s not even talk about the unprotected swinging guitar and strap violence!!

UPDATE: No piano was hurt in creating this blog post!  Note – there is no such thing as the PPS organization and was meant as comical satire in response to the Super Bowl half-time show.

UPDATE: November 6, 2014 – I received a 2nd email from a person claiming to be Marty Gelhaar.  They did not provide a valid email address to respond, however, they requested I remove their name from this comical satire post which I have now done.  To the real Mr. Gelhaar (technician for pianist Roy Bittan), no disrespect intended and I apologize for any confusion.

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Big Ben

Big Ben

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is an example of an athlete throwing discretion out the window when riding on a motorcycle with a temporary permit and no helmet.  “Big Ben’s” motorcycle accident and subsequent facial lacerations were severe enough that authorities initially could not identify him.

That was 2006 and this is not a post to bash the non-helmet motorcycle riders of the world. Frankly, I have a bit of a gripe with athletes in general, who decide to risk their health and well being even more than they already do in their respective professions…especially when they have a commitment to the organizations that employ them.

I could cite more examples of athletes’ misfortunes with motorcycles, but there is a point to be made.  I’m thinking Roethlisberger’s emotional state of having lived through what must have been an exhilarating motorcycle accident will play a big part in the Steelers comeback and win on Sunday!

And speaking of the football game…the Boss will host a 12-minute “party.”  The fans will fawn, the press will recite hosannas, but the new album “Working on a Dream” sounds terrible (it’s flat).  I’m a Boss fan, but this album doesn’t demand listening.  I’m not sure what kind of statement Bruce is making, but selling in Wal-Mart implies “My company paid me so much money they can do whatever they want to make their money back”.  I thought musicians were supposed to be about more than money?  Maybe it was the fact that at last years Super Bowl Tom Petty was watched by more than 148M  viewers in the U.S.?  But this isn’t so much about the Boss. This is about our culture.  If something generates a lot of revenue, you can’t say anything negative about it.  “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” has proven that after 3 weeks in the number one spot.

Super Bowl XLIII (43) is here at last, go Steelers.

Photo courtesy Steelers.

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The 105th Anniversary Parade route for the motorcycles celebrating Harley’s 105th anniversary over Labor Day weekend has been announced.

If you can’t make out the street names on the photo…the parade leaves Miller Park at 9 a.m., Saturday Aug. 30 and continue east on Wisconsin Avenue before turning south on Milwaukee Street downtown. The route then turns east on Erie Street to the Summerfest grounds, where the celebration continues and a close out concert by Bruce Springsteen.

The parade route will be led by bikers who have raised a minimum of $6400 for Muscular Dystrophy Association as well as reps from Harley and the dealer network.  This year marks the 28th year that Harley-Davidson has been a prominent sponsor of the cause.  They truly deserve a round of applause for their untiring efforts to bolster the MDA service and research programs.

I’ll be sitting on the parade route admiring the Harley riders who contributed and made it in the parade!  Congrats.

Photo is courtesy of Google maps.

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Below is my first “official” confirmation that it will be a Summer-of-Bruce.  His shows won’t be ending at Giants Stadium in July because he’s returning to Milwaukee in August for the Harley 105th show. 

H-D 105th Anniversary : Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band Concert

The Roadhouse at the Lakefront, Milwaukee, WI

Sat, Aug 30, 2008 09:00 PM 

Seat location: section null — Total Charge: US $ 42.50

You’ve secured your spot alongside your fellow riders at the 105th Anniversary Celebration Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band Concert. Your order will begin shipping in approximately 5 weeks. 105th Anniversary Celebration ticket packages and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Concert tickets, if purchased, will be shipped separately. 

For 105th Anniversary event information visit www.harley-davidson.com/105th. You didn’t add Event Ticket Insurance to your order, but it’s not too late to protect your purchase! Click here to add insurance to any Ticketmaster order. 


According to The Business Journal, 60,000 general admission tickets will be sold so I’ll be seeing a bunch of E-Streeters at the festivities.

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