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Wind in the face timeout!

Just a quick post to say how I really appreciate the blog reader base and those of you who visit this site regularly.

I started this blog back in 2007 as a way to combine a mix of hobbies (motorcycle and photography) and provide an outlet for the various motorcycle rides and rants.  Because it’s a hobby I don’t enlist guest bloggers or have a staff available to pump out news snippets or excerpts of other peoples articles.

I don’t typically announce a “timeout”, but this is different as I’m headed out on an extended 9 week travel schedule and little if any new material will appear until September.  Of course summer is that special time of the year when the days grow longer (and warmer) and a large part of this time will include an epic motorcycle trip with the wind in the face.  It clearly will help provided inspiration for when I return to the keyboard and share the riding experiences.
If you happened onto this site for the first time then I hope you enjoy reading through the archives.  If you’ve left a comment – I hope it’s about anything other than the Laffing Devils Motorcycle Club (LDMC or New World Order) – but if not, be patient as it might take a few days before I get around to approving your thoughtful insight.

Enjoy the summer, ride safe and I’ll see you around the twisty bend when I see you…

Photo courtesy of the beach.

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