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Come Up Seven Clothing Co.

Come Up Seven Clothing Co.

Jonny Pockets has often commented on this blog providing insightful commentary as I rant about various Harley topics.    He also has a great blog and I’ve invested time cruising his deep selection of unique photos posted on the site.

Now he’s about to make a boatload of money, pay a lot of taxes, hire a bunch of people, spend money on rent, equipment, services etc. and pay even more taxes as he busts his butt to get rich!

Entrepreneurs are needed these days and I hope the Come Up Seven Clothing Company gets obnoxiously rich.  Their idea came about in early 2009. Jonny was working as a graphic designer and was having issues with a few unsavory hacks who were “borrowing” his designs off the web and selling them as t-shirts.  Last May, Jonny rallied together with his buddy Mitch and started the Clothing company with the goal to create a brand and community that would represent their hometown of Portland, OR.  Their intent is to provide an outlet for creativity and social statements as well as reflect a lifestyle they mutually appreciate with passions around motorcycles, fashion, community, tattoos, art, music, and friendship.

Their Shop opened last month and this is going to be one to watch.  In this time of the “great recession” you can’t have too many t-shirts.

Photo courtesy of Come Up Seven Clothing.  Full disclosure: I have no involvement or investment in this company.

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