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MBI-LogoIn this day where every other damned hobby and interest has a billion blogs on the web, why not another biker enthusiast site? And if you are going to run one then run it right otherwise take up biker poetry or some other intellectual rambling…

Well I for one don’t like to miss out on exclusive moments and today is about celebrating! NWHog is proud to announce that we’ve been accepted as members of Motorcycle Bloggers International (MBI). Yep, there it is listed at MEMBERS (scroll to bottom). Great things can only come from this distinguished honor or maybe a few more hits…that’s what I’m talking about! Blogger fame?

MBI is an informal association of (121 members/blogs to be exact, but who’s counting) people who ride motorcycles and write about it. Members come from all over the world and represent every culture, and have two things in common: they enjoy riding and writing about it.

I’m sure a Riders Choice award is in the mail and carries a spectrum of advantages and product offerings.

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