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Ride To Work LogoToday’s Weather Forecast:

  • 64°F Rain
  • Wind: N at 0 mph
  • Humidity: 93%
  • Today is Ride To Work Day. A non-profit organization advocating and supporting the use of motorcycles for transportation and promoting an annual ride.

    Yeah, a change in the weather doesn’t have to mean a change in riding plans – not if you like wearing rain gear.

    I don’t like rain and passed on the annual event.

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    Mikey – You’re FIRED!

    Intel-OCCI watched the Intel Chopper build off last night and it could happen…

    Paul Jr. says: “If he wasn’t funny, he’d be fired.” Paul Sr.: “Yeah, ’cause he doesn’t do anything. If you ask him, ‘What do you do?’ he says, ‘I get you guys ratings.'”

    Mikey still has no chopper license. Nor does he have a girlfriend, “but women are going for him,” Paul Jr. says. — (source: Mary Voboril, Staff Writer, Newsday, Inc. ©2004)

    Like his brother, Mikey went to work for Orange County Ironworks at age 12, working on and off until he graduated from high school. A recovering alcoholic, “Senior” founded Orange County Ironworks, a steel business in Rock Tavern, before starting Orange County Choppers in 1999 with Junior as chief fabricator and designer.

    Mikey went on to community college, but after a series of zeroes he realized it wasn’t quite his scene. It was back to Dad’s company. Mikey floated at OCC until he turned 20 and moved to Tempe, Arizona, where he had six different jobs in five months:

  • Bouncer at a bar, which didn’t work out because it interfered with his night life.
  • Busboy, which didn’t work out because he was “treated like crap”.
  • Telemarketer selling cell phones and cell-phone services, which didn’t work out because he hates being bothered at home by telemarketers.
  • Valet parking attendant, which didn’t work out because they made him run… and shave.
  • Movie-theater guy, which was enjoyable because he didn’t really do anything but see free movies.
  • Overall, Arizona wasn’t quite Mikey’s gig, so Rock Tavern called him once his money ran out…

    Back at home Mikey did carpentry with a friend for a year before again returning to Orange County Ironworks and working with his brother Daniel. Then, after two years of a job that was “unrewarding, cold and cruel,” he went to a tavern one January night and met the man who would advocate his hiring at Orange County Choppers: Rusty, a.k.a. Russell Muth, producer of American Chopper.

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