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Event Name: Posse Ride: Great American Adventure
Location: Wilmington, DE to Portland, OR
Started On: July 13, 2007
End Date: July 30, 2007
Expected Attendance: 800

Ten years ago, H.O.G. introduced the concept of a Posse Ride: a challenging, two-week or longer ride across America. In 2007, H.O.G. honors that legendary first ride by returning to where it all began: Portland, Oregon.

Paradise HD is having a 3rd Annual Luau party this Sunday, July 29th in celebration. The day’s events will include music and vendors from 11:00AM to 6:00PM, a bikini bike wash noon to 5:00PM, Polynesian food 1:00 to 5:00PM, a Luau show at 4:00PM, and welcoming the national HOG Posse Rider’s at their final cross-country stop (Paradise HD) 3:00-6:00 PM.

Will be Paradise HD biggest social event all year and one that you won’t want to miss!


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Harrah's_MeleeRemember the 2002 River Run Riot? Five years ago the Laughlin, Nevada Police warned casino operators of possible trouble at the biker event…and a battle inside the Harrah’s Laughlin casino left three dead and sent about a dozen others to hospitals. Photo courtesy of Review Journal. The Police report went something like this…

“Intelligence reports indicated the Mongols intended to bolster their status by attacking members of the Hells Angels,” Las Vegas police detectives wrote in an arrest report filed Saturday.

Inside Harrah’s Laughlin, where the Mongols and Hells Angels clashed, police found six guns, 50 knives, two hammers, two wrenches and six flashlights. A homemade weapon consisting of a piece of leather weighted with metal also was recovered inside the casino. On the outside of the casino, police found three more guns, 15 knives and three flashlights.

A total of nine guns, 65 knives were recovered at scene.

The Mongols and Hells Angels battle changed the event for everyone, FOREVER! The mix of Harley-loving Yuppies and gun-toting bikers bubbled over to the deadly level and marred the 20-year-old Laughlin River Run and the casino town’s most marketable event. Somewhere between 40,000 to 80,000 bikers arrive in the city every April and for a group of friends who meet to ride our hogs in the Mojave Desert the event has become major overkill to ensure people’s safety at the expense of fun and/or freedom.

They punished 99 percent of the people for what the 1 percent’r do. But with Police posted signs to discourage bikers from showing “colors,” or clothing that evangilizes gang affiliations. Security was super heavy this year at many casinos, and police cars peppered the stretch of U.S. Highway 95 leading into town…they were sending a message to everyone: “Don’t even think about it.” The little town outside Vegas where you had a chance to kind of cut loose a little bit, walk around, have a few beers, people-watch and check out bikes is filled with heavy-handed Police reminders of the 2002 brawl.

Can’t we have uninterrupted revving and rumbling of engines and the occasional burn-out with out police intervention? The days of simpler pleasures are over!

So where are the trouble makers?

Well the Feds had issues…clearly! It’s taken 5 plus years to get a conviction and they had casino video tape to help prove the case.

  • Six Hells Angels pleaded guilty to one count of Violent Crime in Aid of Racketeering (VICAR) last October 2006. Calvin Shaefer (Hells Anglels of Chandler, AZ) was sentenced to 51 months in federal prison to run concurrent with a 54 month sentence he received previously in Arizona.
  • Shaefer’s sentence was a result of a plea agreement reached with the government while on trial with 40 additional members of the Hells Angels operating as part of a racketeering enterprise. During the brawl, Shaefer fired a firearm at Richard Nolan and Benjamin Leyva injuring both men.
  • Five additional Hells Angels were sentenced in February 2007. They include: Rodney Cox who pleaded guilty to striking a Mongol with a wrench; Maurice Eunice who pleaded guilty to shooting a firearm and striking a Mongol; Raymond Foakes who pleaded guilty to kicking a Mongol, which started the brawl between the two outlaw motorcycle gangs; James Hannigan who pleaded guilty to stabbing a Mongol; and Dale Leedom who pleaded guilty to stabbing a Mongol. Source: 2wheelpassport.com
  • Five plus years of River Run Riot history captured by Review Journal HERE.

    Brawl Video inside Harrah’s Casino, Laughlin HERE.

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    Sturgis Main Street A bar, a girl, a pole. What could be more American? Nothing other than the granddaddy of all rallies which is coming up in about week and several of us are headed to AmericanaMount Rushmore, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse Memorial, and the Black Hills.

    Here is a list of some activity in Rally Central…

    Rock’N The Rally – Glencoe CampResort
    38 Special and Teg Nugent – Monday 6th
    GodSmack – Tuesday 7th
    Joan Jett and Smash Mouth – Wednesday 8th

    Full Throttle Saloon
    Clutch, Molly Hatchett, Jackyl, Saliva, Black Stone Cherry and many more poets and rock stars…

    Harley-Davidson New Product Show: August 4-11 –

  • Rushmore Plaza Civic Center – Open to the public Saturday, August 4, 1PM-5PM; Sunday, August 5 – Friday, August 10, 10AM-5PM; Saturday, August 11, 10AM-4PM
  • Willie G. T-shirts and limited-edition commemorative merchandise with his exclusive logo will be for sale
  • Your H.O.G. membership card will provide access to the H.O.G. Hospitality area, where you can pick up a free commemorative H.O.G. pin (must be present to receive) and purchase exclusive Harley Owners Group merchandise
  • Outside the Civic Center

  • NHRA Acceleration Nation Display: Saturday, August 4 – Monday, August 6, 9AM-5PM
  • Outdoor Festival and Stage: Saturday, August 4 – Saturday, August 11, 10AM-5PM
  • Great Music, product displays, stunt shows and more! H-D Traveling Museum: Saturday, Aug 4 – Aug 10, 9AM-5PM;
  • Free bike wash: Sunday, August 4 – Friday, August 10, 10AM-4PM; Saturday, August 11, 10AM-3PM
  • Here is the Badlands and Black Hills Riding Map.

    Web cams for up-to-date views of the action.

  • Sturgis
  • Deadwood
  • RapidCity
  • One Eyed Jacks Saloon (Live)
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Crazy Horse
  • Gillette Wyoming I90
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    1 Percent’r

    Publisher Constable & Robinson - Photo courtesy Edward WinterhalderThe Bandidos Motorcycle Club is a 40-year-old club, which has 170 chapters in the U.S. and 15 other countries. Though its leader lived in Bellingham, the Bandidos have always been considered a Texas enterprise, where it was formed in 1966 by defiant Vietnam veteran Don Chambers.

    The late and first founder Don Chambers, went up for a double murder in ’72. The second, [and late] Ronnie Hodge, went to federal prison for conspiracy to commit murder with a bomb. James Lang, the third president went to jail for drugs, he’s still in. Craig Johnston, the forth, went to jail for drugs. He’s getting out next year, but he’s got health problems. Which leaves the current George Wegers. Appointed in 1998 by club leaders to president of the 2,400-member Bandidos MC.

    The Bandidos have been prominent in the Northwest. Of 90 U.S. chapters, 14 are in Washington. There are more than 50 patched members in Bellingham, Bremerton, Wenatchee, Everett, Mount Vernon, Tacoma, the Tri-Cities, and Yakima. (Most outlaw clubs allow patched members to have puppet members, a group of budding club bikers who swell the ranks well beyond the official count.) There are three chapters in the Seattle area alone.

    Ultimately nabbed in a 19-count indictment, el presidente, George Wegers and 27 other Bandidos and associates were paraded into federal in the summer of 2006, later striking plea deals. Most were bearded and balding, some were in their 60s. They look like a bunch of ol’ grandpas. Wegers has heart problems and high blood pressure and regularly saw three different doctors. Divorced, with a grown son, two grandkids, and other family in Whatcom and Skagit counties.

    A former cohort, ex-Bandidos national officer Edward Winterhalder, has written the above book about the club, says Wegers thought the Bandidos needed more members who simply were “men of respect, not pieces of shit.”

    So, the next time you see the colorful patches the outlaw motorcycle clubs wear…think again about what goes on inside the motorcycle gangs.

    Book Info: Contributing Author: Edward Winterhalder; Published By Constable & Robinson (England); Distributed By Carroll & Graf (New York); Edited By Australian Motorcycle Club Authority Dr. Arthur Veno.

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    Ride To Work LogoToday’s Weather Forecast:

  • 64°F Rain
  • Wind: N at 0 mph
  • Humidity: 93%
  • Today is Ride To Work Day. A non-profit organization advocating and supporting the use of motorcycles for transportation and promoting an annual ride.

    Yeah, a change in the weather doesn’t have to mean a change in riding plans – not if you like wearing rain gear.

    I don’t like rain and passed on the annual event.

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    Mikey – You’re FIRED!

    Intel-OCCI watched the Intel Chopper build off last night and it could happen…

    Paul Jr. says: “If he wasn’t funny, he’d be fired.” Paul Sr.: “Yeah, ’cause he doesn’t do anything. If you ask him, ‘What do you do?’ he says, ‘I get you guys ratings.'”

    Mikey still has no chopper license. Nor does he have a girlfriend, “but women are going for him,” Paul Jr. says. — (source: Mary Voboril, Staff Writer, Newsday, Inc. ©2004)

    Like his brother, Mikey went to work for Orange County Ironworks at age 12, working on and off until he graduated from high school. A recovering alcoholic, “Senior” founded Orange County Ironworks, a steel business in Rock Tavern, before starting Orange County Choppers in 1999 with Junior as chief fabricator and designer.

    Mikey went on to community college, but after a series of zeroes he realized it wasn’t quite his scene. It was back to Dad’s company. Mikey floated at OCC until he turned 20 and moved to Tempe, Arizona, where he had six different jobs in five months:

  • Bouncer at a bar, which didn’t work out because it interfered with his night life.
  • Busboy, which didn’t work out because he was “treated like crap”.
  • Telemarketer selling cell phones and cell-phone services, which didn’t work out because he hates being bothered at home by telemarketers.
  • Valet parking attendant, which didn’t work out because they made him run… and shave.
  • Movie-theater guy, which was enjoyable because he didn’t really do anything but see free movies.
  • Overall, Arizona wasn’t quite Mikey’s gig, so Rock Tavern called him once his money ran out…

    Back at home Mikey did carpentry with a friend for a year before again returning to Orange County Ironworks and working with his brother Daniel. Then, after two years of a job that was “unrewarding, cold and cruel,” he went to a tavern one January night and met the man who would advocate his hiring at Orange County Choppers: Rusty, a.k.a. Russell Muth, producer of American Chopper.

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    Harley will celebrate its 105th Anniversary in style next year as the details of the ride to Milwaukee become public.  Harley enthusiasts can ride home to Milwaukee via 105 different official starting points and along 25 major routes across the country. The celebration will take place August 28-31, 2008, with several exclusive ticketed events, as well as many activities that are free and open to the public.

    Word on the dealer street is HD is going to do something similar every 5 years…special paint, emblems and welcome home ride.

    Surf it on over here for more details.

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